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 XIAMEN LEELEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. se ha especializado en la investigación, producción y venta de gestión de la seguridad inteligente sistema y red productos como una empresa de alta tecnología por varios años. Después de 20 años de desarrollo, Leelen ahora posee más de 10 filiales: LEELEN eléctrico Control Technology Co., Ltd, LEELEN inteligente de red Co., Ltd, Electronics Co., Ltd de la casa de seguridad, fábrica de inyección de LEELEN, LEELEN SMT fábrica, planta de molde de LEELEN y así sucesivamente. LEELEN tiene 1200 empleados, 21,8 K metros cuadrados de área de fabricación y oficina que resulta un rendimiento año aproximadamente 2 millones de pcs. LEELEN tiene una posición superior en la industria de intercomunicación interna, que establece centros de investigación en Xiamen y Beijing con 200 R & D ingenieros que hayan obtenido a grado o sobre el grado de licenciatura con innovación técnica energética. Es la única empresa en la industria de intercomunicación que el premio "innovación producto". LEELEN tiene una fuerte red de marketing cuenta con 37 sucursales en China. Tiene una característica única en la industria con su línea de servicio: 95105895, un sistema perfecto para el servicio de venta, en venta y post venta. La cuota de comercialización y ventas producción de LEELEN son en las primeras posiciones en la industria de intercomunicación interna por varios años. LEELEN es la primera empresa certificada con ISO9001 e ISO14000 en sistema de intercomunicación; pasado el "empresa estandarización sistema AAA grado"; "adopción internacional estándar producto de la marca certificado"; la única empresa en el sistema de intercomunicación que premia la "Excelente gestión"; un redactor jefe de nacional estándar GB50348-2004 y industrial estándar GA/T-72-2005; el Vicepresidente de CSPIA y DCN; la empresa de gestión de calidad excelente que honró como empresa de "Calidad y crédito AAA grado"; Certificado como "capacitación continua en calidad inspección Y1996 ~ Y2006" empresa; la primera empresa adjudicataria "Marca de fábrica superior de Fujian" y "Marca famosa de Fujian" en Fujian, la empresa top en la industria de intercomunicador interno. todos los productos vienen en modelos completos y avanzados que garantizan un rendimiento estable y algunos de ellos se han exportado a los Estados Unidos, Europa y países del sudeste de Asia.

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Sobre nosotros
Xiamen Leelen Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Welcome to Secutech Vietnam 2019
Welcome to Secutech Vietnam 2019 fecha de exposición :2019-8-14 to 2019-8-16

Dirección: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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  • New Products | LEELEN Newly Released Two Types of Barrier Gate Face Access Control Host
    New Products | LEELEN Newly Released Two Types of Barrier Gate Face Access Control Host
    Technology leads the future. The face recognition technology is applied in all aspects of our lives. Compared to other biometric identification technology like a fingerprint, one advantage of face recognition is that it can collect biometric data from a distance. This type of interaction is very simple and fast, and is widely used in many areas such as access control identification, transaction payment, public security tracking and so on. Recently, LEELEN released two types of barrier gate face access control host, M22 and R19 which are the performance of wisdom and technology. More Accurate The LEELEN barrier gate face access control host adopts the latest face recognition algorithm and the dynamic identification test is the best in the industry. The pass rate is 94%, which is much higher than the 85% standard of the Ministry of Public Security. The recognition accuracy is as high as 99.9%. More Quickly The dynamic face recognition time of the LEELEN barrier gate face access control host is less than 1 second without waiting too long. More Convenient the LEELEN barrier gate face access control host realizes rapid recognition of super long distance, and the best face recognition distance is 1-3 meters. When you slowly walk to the door, the access control host can capture your face from a distance and quickly identify and open the door. It’s very convenient and quick to enter without waiting. More Reliable In our daily life, the application environment is complex and changeable which puts higher demands on face recognition technology and products. LEELEN barrier gate face access control host maintain a fast and accurate state and achieve the best performance level in its class when it faces indoor lighting, outdoor non-backlighting, background backlighting, direct sunlight on face, direct sunlight on camera, dark field and other complex environments. More Powerful The adaptability of the LEELEN barrier gate face access control host has also reached the industry leading level. In different scenes, such as different hairstyles, different expressions, wearing hats, wearing masks, having makeup, wearing sunglasses, etc., the host can also correctly and quickly recognize faces. In addition, the LEELEN barrier gate face access control host uses anti-live attack scheme and is equipped with a high-definition camera for human body detection. This prevents mobile phone, tablet and other electronic screen attacks (video, pictures, masks) and various printing paper attacks, which can effectively avoid the identity fraud caused by various face forgery. Not only that, users do not need to blink, shake their heads, etc. when performing face recognition, which significantly improves the user experience. More Extensive Nowadays, the height of many face recognition devices is fixed. Many people need to kneel down to sense face recognition. Many children and old people cannot recognize because they are not tall enough. It’s very inconvenient and has a bad user exper... Fecha :2019-06-10
  • Intelligent Security Production Exhibition Tour of China-Shenyang Station
    Intelligent Security Production Exhibition Tour of China-Shenyang Station
    On May 23, the Intelligent Security Production Exhibition Tour of China was grandly opened at Shenyang. Nearly 200 influential engineers, dealers, end users and industry media representatives from Shenyang and surrounding cities came to the site to participate in regional security market exchanges and talk about new trends in public safety development. LEELEN displayed new products such as smart access control, smart door lock, digital building intercom system and LuxDomo smart home system. The on-site staff patiently explained the design concept, functional characteristics and technical advantages of the company's products to each exhibitor, and demonstrated the brand strength of LEELEN in a multi-faceted manner, so that the visitors had a deeper understanding of LEELEN and the products. Fecha :2019-5-24
  • Xiamen Public Security Exhibition▕ Practical Black Technology is Eye-catching
    Xiamen Public Security Exhibition▕ Practical Black Technology  is Eye-catching
    On May 23, the 2019 Advanced Science and Technology Products Exhibition of Xiamen Public Security Technology Week Series grandly opened in the Municipal Public Security. Many “Black Technology” products were unveiled, including intelligent voice, intelligent access control, smart community, network security, and fire protection, smart equipment, virtual reality, and so on. LEELEN was invited to participate in the event and brought the intelligent access control system, face trajectory analysis system and community integrated management system, which became one of the hot topics of the audience. The overall solution of LEELEN Smart Community makes full use of next-generation information technology such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile internet and artificial intelligence to provide users with a safe, comfortable, convenient living environment, which is committed to letting people live in a five-star home. Fecha :2019-5-23
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