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Fighting the epidemic, LEELEN is in action!



Build a stronghold for epidemic prevention with technology

As an enterprise that gathers high-end technical talents, the number of R & D personnel in the LEELEN Party branch accounted for 60%, and Zhou Dalin, Dean of the Institute of Internet of Things Technology, is an old party member with more than 30 years of party age. After understanding the market demand, Dean Zhou led the R & D team to respond quickly. After several days of code writing, product testing, and finished product production, they quickly launched a safe community outbreak prevention and control solution (hereinafter referred to as the program).

The program supports functions such as human and vehicle entry and exit management, online services, human and vehicle inspection in epidemic areas, key vehicle and vehicle control, and data docking on third-party platforms. On the other hand, it can help the community's anti-epidemic workers to reduce the difficulty of their work and reduce their workload.

Among them, LEELEN's newly developed face recognition infrared temperature measurement integrated machine supports face recognition, mask detection, and body temperature detection. It can also issue voice warning prompts for abnormal body temperatures and no masks, which is suitable for communities and buildings. Apartments, schools, office areas and other places can prevent potential risks more efficiently.

        In this epidemic prevention and control work, the comrades of the party branch of LEELEN Technology Co., Ltd. used the sweat to irrigate the harvest, determined the progress with hard work.

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