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Últimas noticias
LEELEN Participated in the Annual Summit of China's Security Engineering Companies, Integrators, and Operation Service Providers



On November 13-14, the second Annual Summit of China Security Engineers, Integrators, and Operation Service Providers and PTS Security Exhibition was successfully held in Beijing Blues Manor. LEELEN Chairman Chen Xuli was hired as a member of the Expert Committee of the China Security Service Providers Conference. At the same time, LEELEN was named "China's Top 10 Security Brands", and the vice president of the Internet of Things Technology Research Institute Wang Yuanchun came to the stage to accept the award on behalf of the company. Zhong Shiping, the deputy dean of the LEELEN Internet of Things Technology Research Institute, was invited to participate and gathered with colleagues in the security industry from all over the country and gave a keynote speech.

This summit gathers industry leaders, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs, and is jointly organized by security associations from 25 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. It aims at integrating industry resources and building a platform for displays, communications, interactions, and transactions among manufacturers, engineers, and system integrators. It aims at improving the level of security services, cultivate and commend security brands and promoting new products, new technologies, and new solutions in the security industry. It aims at letting the security industry to drive the country's economic construction, and allowing new infrastructure to empower new impetus for security services.

Mr. Chen Xuli has been engaged in security for 28 years. He led LEELN to develop from a business department in 1991 to a leading company selling products around the world. He has been advancing in industry standards, technology development, business models, and market expansion. Today, LEELEN has transformed into a smart home and smart community overall solution equipment provider, providing users with many high-quality products, such as smart access control, building intercom systems and smart homes, with a market share of more than 20% and 30 million users.

In terms of industry standards, Mr. Chen Xuli led the R&D team to participate in the formulation of a number of industry standards and national standards. At the same time, LEELEN also served as the leader of the drafting group of the international building intercom standard IEC62820. In terms of R&D strength, as a leading private enterprise in Xiamen City, LEELEN's security intelligent building (visual) intercom system is the first to pass the EMC test of the Ministry of Public Security. In the market, LEELEN smart community and smart home solutions are spread all over the country, and its safe management mode and convenient operation experience has been well received by government departments and users.

This time, Mr. Chen Xuli was hired as a member of the Expert Committee of the China Security Service Providers Conference, and LEELEN was selected as the top 10 security brands in China. It is the recognition and expectation of Mr. Chen Xuli for LEELEN by industry experts, users and the market. In the future, Mr. Chen Xuli will assume the responsibility of a member of the expert committee, lead all employees of LEELEN, work around the center of the association, give full play to talents and professional advantages, provide professional technical services for enterprises and users, and lead the sustainable development of the security industry.

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