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Últimas noticias
LEELEN was rated as an excellent innovative technology and solution provider for "Smart City" in 2020



In order to expand the promotion of various "smart city" solutions for security companies, help outstanding companies to establish brand images, and provide decision-making basis for governments and industry users at all levels, the China Security Products Industry Association will organize evaluations and recommend a batch of excellent innovative technologies and solutions for “smart cities” in 2020. After the review, verification, calculation and evaluation of the event expert committee, LEELEN was selected as the 2020 "Smart City" outstanding innovative technology and solution provider for its smart real estate overall solution.

In this selection, the China Security Products Industry Association commended the current outstanding smart city construction innovative technologies and project cases, and the provision of smart city services from 19 different dimensions including "smart communities", "safe cities", and "snow bright projects". This time, LEELEN was successfully selected for its smart real estate overall solution and its independent innovation technology highlights in the integration of smart communities and smart homes, multi-dimensional interaction, enhanced experience, open compatibility, and collaborative linkage. This is the industry's high recognition of LEELEN's innovation ability, and it is a testimony of LEELEN's strength in the field of smart security.

Since the launch of the program, LEELEN has distinguished itself from many competitors by relying on its advantages in technology, products, and services. It has successfully won bids for multiple smart real estate projects and created projects with advanced equipment, powerful functions and complete services. The plan takes service as the carrier, management as the means, and user experience as the direction to create a new era of smart real estate, which can effectively meet the needs of real estate developers, engineers, property owners, and owners.

After years of accumulation, LEELEN has accumulated rich experience in project application implementation. In the future, LEELEN will continue to rely on its construction experience in the field of smart communities and smart homes to empower families, communities and cities with innovative technology, fulfill its corporate mission with practical actions, and help build new smart cities.

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